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What HAKKO Fume Extractions Units can be used with the HAKKO 999-110 Universal Absorption Pipe Kit?

Chris Stuber
Fume Extraction

The HAKKO 999-110 Universal Absorption Pipe Kit is designed for use with tip fume extraction systems such as the HAKKO HJ3010 and HAKKO HJ3080.

While each of these tip extraction systems were discontinued some time ago (Ref PB280 for the HJ3080), the 999-110 Universal Absorption Pipe Kit is still available for use with other non-HAKKO systems.

The Absorption Pipe Kit is not recommended for use with the HAKKO FA-430 Fume Extraction System as the restriction created by the tip extraction tubes can cause a false filter change indication on the unit.  The HAKKO FA-430 Fume Extraction System does have a high performance fan system that provides enough suction to operate approximately four (4) tip extractors based on our lab testing.  The Hakko HJ3100 Fume Extraction System uses a less efficient fan system.  Like the HAKKO FA-430, the use of tip extraction systems is not supported.  Testing of the HJ3100 has shown that there is inadequate performance of tip extractors when used with the HAKKO HJ3100 due to the performance limitations of the fan system.

If you wish to use the HAKKO FA-430 Fume Extraction System with a tip extractor, you will need to purchase the necessary piping and fittings to connect the tip extractor tube to the main extraction line.  The main extraction line should be 3-inches in diameter and can connect to the HAKKO FA-430 using the Duct Adapter (PN: B3621), a segment of 3-inch neoprene duct (PN: 999-189), and a set of hose clamps (PN: 999-169).  The maximum length of the run should not exceed 3 meters.

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