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Are the main filters for the Hakko FA-430 and Hakko 421 interchangeable?

Chris Stuber
Fume Extraction

While the filters may appear similar, the main filter of the Hakko FA-430 is not approved for use as the main filter of the Hakko 421 fume extraction system.

The main filter for the Hakko FA-430 (PN:  A1586) was designed and tested for use in the Hakko FA-430 and was also tested for use in the Hakko HJ3100 fume extraction system.  The testing was done to ensure proper filtration performance for these units.  There has been no testing with the Hakko 421 to confirm the unit will continue to operate within specifications and that there will not be any adverse affects of using a filter that was not initially designed for use with the Hakko 421.
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