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How do I dispose of used filters from my HAKKO Fume and Smoke Absorber Systems?

Chris Stuber
Fume Extraction

The method for disposal of your used filters depends on how the filters are used.  The material that is being ingested by the Fume Extraction or Smoke Absorbing system usually absorb particulates from the process that create the fumes and/or smoke, and there may be applicable environmental and/or legal requirements for the proper disposal of materials that contain these absorbed particles.  It is best to consult the manufacturers' SDS (Safety Data Sheet a.k.a MSDS) or other technical specifications on the products being used in conjunction with your HAKKO Fume Extraction or Smoke Absorbing systems for guidance on how these products and any byproducts absorbed by the filters should be disposed of and what Personal Protective Equipment may be recommended.

If the material absorbed by the filters are classified as hazardous waste, local regulations will define how you should dispose of the used filters, otherwise you may treat the used filters as standard waste items and dispose of them as you would other landfill waste items.

For additional information, please contact your local OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) or EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) representative.

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