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How do I reset the HAKKO FX-888D back to factory default settings?

Chris Stuber

In order to reset the HAKKO FX-888D back to the factory default settings, hold down the UP and ENTER buttons and turn the power on. The display will show 'A' (for Asian defaults and display in Celsius) or 'U' (for US defaults and display in Fahrenheit). You can press the UP button to toggle the value shown between 'A' and 'U'.
When you have made your selection, press the ENTER button and the factory reset will be complete.
NOTE: When resetting the unit to factory default settings, it may be necessary to re-adjust the tip temperature so that the unit is within specifications for tip temperature accuracy (±15°C/27°F). To make the tip temperature adjustments, you will need a device that can measure the tip temperature (such as a HAKKO FG-100 Tip Thermometer) or other thermocouple measuring device. To perform the tip temperature adjustment:
  1. When the HAKKO FX-888D is on, hold down the ENTER button to set your tip temperature to 750°F. If you are using the Celsius, set your tip temperature to 350°C.
  2. Clean your soldering iron tip and apply a fresh coating of solder.
  3. Measure the tip temperature using your HAKKO FG-100 Tip Thermometer (or equivalent device) and record this value. Be sure your device is measuring in the same temperature scale as the temperature display of the HAKKO FX-888D.
  4. Hold down the UP button on the HAKKO FX-888D, and program in the value that was recorded from step 2.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 above until the measured temperature is ±12°F of the set temperature of 750°F (or ±7°C of the set temperature of 350°C)
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