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FX-888D Setting and Adjustments


Changing the Temperature Setting

There is a common misconception when using the FX-888D between "changing" the temperature setting and "adjusting" the temperature setting. Due to the various tip shapes and sizes available for use with the FX-888D, the unit's temperature setting must be adjusted to accurately display the temperature of the tip that is being used. This is NOT the same as changing the temperature. Think of adjusting the temperature setting as offsetting or calibrating the temperature. Only use this function with a soldering iron thermometer to compare the actual (measured) tip temperature with the temperature display on the station. To properly "change" the the temperature setting follow these instructions:

Use this procedure in both/either Normal Mode or Preset Mode. If in preset mode, changing the set temperature only changes the temperature on the current preset “channel.” Select the preset that is to be changed before changing the temperature.

Adjusting the Temperature Setting

The temperature adjustment function allows you to offset/calibrate the station to make up for any difference between the measured and displayed temperatures. The FX-888D is adjusted for accuracy at the factory and will not need additional adjustment unless the heating element is changed. If the tip temperature is measured and a difference greater than 27ºF is found, please change the tip before making a temperature adjustment. In order to adjust the temperature setting, follow these instructions:

Please note: In order to help distinguish between the two modes(Temperature Setting and Temperature Adjustment) further, the "Adj" identifier was introduced as a change to the FX-888D. "Adj" was added and will appear before entering into the adjustment mode setting.

FX888D-29BY/P Serial numbers 05888315000613 and later have the "Adj" identifier.

FX888D-23BY Serial numbers 05888315000913 and later have the "Adj" identifier.

Changing the Parameter Settings

The FX-888D has 4 Parameter settings (see section 6. Parameter Setting in the Instruction Manual) which are numbered 01, 03, 11, and 14. These are the core settings of the station and do not typically need to be adjusted.

Parameter 01: Allows the display of the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. In the US, the station is factory set to display the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Parameter 03: Displays an error message if there is a drop in the tip temperature beyond the parameter 03 value which comes from the factory with a setting of 270ºF. In this case, if using the station at 750ºF and the measured tip temperature drops to 480ºF (750-270=480), the display will flash an error. It is recommended to leave the parameter at the factory setting and watch the solder flow, which is a better indication of how the heat is transferring to the solder connection.

Parameter 11: Allows the selection of “normal mode” or “preset mode” for temperature control.

Normal Mode: The station comes from the factory set to normal mode. Normal mode allows the selection of any temperature between 120-899ºF. The last set temperature before powering down is stored in memory so that whenever the station is powered back on, it will heat to the last temperature that was used. Preset mode allows you to “preset” from 2 to 5 temperatures.

Preset Mode: Gives a faster way to adjust between specific temperatures(only useful if constantly changing between specific temperatures when soldering). Most operators would not need to use preset mode. When using preset mode, the number of preset channels desired(2-5), must be entered.

Parameter 14: Creates a password to restrict access to changing the station temperature. This feature is sometimes used by large assembly lines that want to control the soldering temperature process. They would enter a password and not give the password to the operator. The operator would be unable to change the temperature without the password.

Open: No password needed to adjust the temperature.

Partial: Select which modes to control access to(Temperature Setting Mode, Preset Selection Mode and/or Adjust Mode).

Restricted: All modes will require a password(Temperature Setting Mode, Preset Selection Mode and Adjust Mode).

*Temperature Setting Mode - Temperature control

**Adjust Mode - To perform a temperature adjustment (See Below)

To change a parameter you must first enter the parameter entering mode. Here is how you do it:

Once in Parameter mode, all 4 parameters may be changed starting with parameter 01.

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