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Why do the Replacement Filters for my Hakko desoldering tool appear thinner than those that came with my product when I purchased them?


You may notice that the replacement Ceramic Paper Filters that you purchase will appear thinner than the original filters that came with your Hakko desoldering product.  This is normal due to the difference in the manufacturing source of the filters.

At the time your Hakko desoldering product was packaged, the installed filter and any included replacements that may have come with your product are from a manufacturing source in Japan.  Replacement filters that you purchase separately in the US are from a manufacturing source within the US.  This is done to keep the maintenance expenses for your product low.

Both Japan and US source filters meet the same specifications for filtration and minimum suction flow needed by the various Hakko desoldering products that use the Ceramic Paper filters.  The difference in physical appearance is not significant and will not adversely affect your Hakko product.

If you are worried that your may have purchased potential 'knock-off' Hakko products, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) and we will be glad to confirm if your source is an authorized Hakko distriubtor of genuine Hakko products.
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