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Will the 817 desoldering gun housing work with my 802 Desoldering gun ?

Kyle Barrett

The housing for the newer 817 desoldering gun can be used as a replacement part for your older style 802 desoldering gun . A few key points must be noted and addressed for proper functionality of the hand piece . In the older 802 hand piece the rubber seal that sits between the head of the Vacuum pipe and the front of the gun housing ( Part # A1011) Creating a seal for proper vacuum functionality . In the 817 hand piece the newer style 4 wire heater has a smaller diameter going through the housing then the older A1029 heaters , The rubber front holder was changed to reflect the diameter of the new heaters   , The ( Part # A1314 ) is required along with the use of (Part # A1319) To create a Full seal between the Vacuum pipe and the heater/housing . The 817 incorporates the same nozzles and filters as the 802 gun so the only parts needed for proper functionality will be the ones mentioned in this article . please view the attached photos for reference of the listed part numbers and changes to the hand pieces. 



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