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I am considering purchasing a Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun. Is this product safe on electronics? Is it ESD Safe?

Chris Stuber

The Hakko 808 Desoldering Tool is designed as a low cost desoldering tool for light duty that uses a self-contained vacuum pump and collection system and is designed into a single handheld unit.The product is safe to use on electronics.  If you are working with ESD sensitive devices, it is best to take appropriate measures to mitigate any possibility of charging either components or tools.  The Hakko 808 should not be used where ESD control is a requirement.Any product hat has the ESD Safe mark has undergone extensive testing to ensure that the product meets Hakko's standards for ESD safety which includes proper grounding of the product, tip-to-ground resistance of less than 2 ohms, tip electrical potential to ground of less than 2 millivolts, and materials used in the construction that pass static decay tests conducted to established industry standards.
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