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No Capture Devices Installed on this System

Chris Stuber


After installing the Hakko FR-1418 HMI Application on a computer system that does not have a video capture device installed, when the application is launched, the following message box may appear:

No capture devices are installed on this system

After clicking OK, the application runs as expected.

The reason for this is due to an improper setting of the XML configuration file. To correct this issue, locate and open the file PMT.CONFIG using a text editor such as Notepad. You will find this file located at the following location for standard instalaltions:  C:\Program Files\PMT\Hakko HMI

  1. Close the Hakko FR-1418 HMI Application if running
  2. Locate the line that reads <CameraAvailable>true</CameraAvailable>
  3. Change the line to read <CameraAvailable>false</CameraAvailable>


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