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FM-202 Software Revision History

Chris Stuber

FM-202 Software Revision History:

Version 1 - Never released

Version 2 - Initial Production Release

Version 3 - Starting SN 2020201771

  • C-E is not displayed and normal operation can be done when the FM-2021 is plugged into the station
  • Parameter 6 added (TIN reset on power on)
  • Upper limit of FM-2022 and FM-2023 was changed to limit max temp from 840°F to 750°F for durability issues.

Version 4 - Starting SN 2020203256

  • Auto power-off sensitivity was changed to decrease the sensitivity due to some small applications where the lack of a significant load on the tip would cause the software to believe the station is idle and auto power-off will trigger while the customer is working.

Version 5 - Never released

Version 6 - Starting SN 202003001002

  • Change in software to match FM-2023

Version 7 - Starting SN 202204000001

  • Change to add functionality for new FM-2024

Version 8 - Starting SN 202204007653

  • Change to accept other voltages other than 120VAC (Includes change to PCB)
  • Change to sensitivity level for auto power-off feature.

Version 9 - Starting SN 0002202205003123

  • Change to prevent uncontrolled heatup problem with FM-2023
  • Added parameter 8 to select the sensing level for the auto power-off feature
    - L is low sensitivity (same as version 8)
    - H is high sensitivity (same as version 7 and prior)
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