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How to turn off the Process Gate for the FM-202 when using T15 Series Composite Tips

Chris Stuber

In 2008, Hakko began to globalize its Composite Series Tips under the new T15 part number. These new tips are the same as the original T7 Series Composite Tips first introduced to the market many years ago. As a result of the globalization efforts, Hakko FM-202 customers that use T15 Series Tips may now change the software setting of their soldering station to turn off the Process Gate.

In order to turn off the Process Gate on your FM-202, please review and follow the steps below:

  1. With the unit power turned off, insert the lockout key card into the slot in the front of the FM-202.
  2. While holding down the # (pound) and  (down arrow) keys, turn the power on.
  3. When the display shows "5" with the last digit flashing, release the buttons.
  4. Press the  (down arrow) key one time to change the last digit to a "0" (zero).
  5. Press the * (star) key repeatedly to accept this change and to move through the remaining parameters. The display will read the set temperature of your FM-202 when you have finished.
  6. When the set temperature is displayed, hold down the # (pound) key.
  7. When the display reads 000 with the first digit flashing, release the # (pound) key.
  8. Press the * (star) key to accept 0 (zero) as the first digit.
  9. The second digit will begin flashing. Press the  (up arrow) key one time to change the "0" (zero) to a "1" (one) and press the * (star) key to accept.
  10. The last digit will begin flashing. Press the  (up arrow) repeatedly until the value reads "5" (five). Press the * (star) key to accept.
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