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What materials are CHP Tweezers made from?

Chris Stuber

CHP Tweezers are made from austenitic stainless steel, specifically 304 and 316L. Please refer to the table below to find your specific tweezer.

Part No. Material
0-SA 304
00-SA 304
00B-SA 304
00D-SA 304
0A-SA 316L
0C10-SA 316L
0C11-SA 316L
102-SA 304
103-SA 304
104-SA 304
105-SA 304
106-SA 304
107-SA 304
108-SA 304
110-SA 304
111-SA 304
19-SA 316L
2-SA 316L
231-SA 304
232-SA 316L
233-SA 316L
26-SA 316L
2A-SA 304
2AB-SA 316L
38-SA 304
3C-SA 304
4-SA 304
4A-SA 316L
5-SA 304
51S-SA 316L
5A-SA 304
5B-SA 304
5C-SA 316L
6-SA 304
65A-SA 316L
7A-SA 316L
7B-SA 304
7E-SA 316L
A-SA 304
AA-SA 316L
AC-SA 316L
F-SA 316L
PSF 316L
SA-SA 304
SS-SA 304
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