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Is my FX-300 solder pot ESD safe ?

Kyle Barrett


The Hakko FX-300 solder pot is in fact ESD safe . The FX-300 is a product that is a global product sold within multiple markets / countries  where other Power ratings / specifications may apply . what this means is the same chassis is used for multiple variants of the FX-300  as well as the membrane sheet that is used on the face of the unit this is also a shared part within all markets . 

In the US Market American hakko products are ESD safe unless otherwise noted  , The US variation of Hakko products have a 3 prong power plug therefore the unit is grounded at all times through the third prong , where as in other markets a 2 prong plug may be used therefore the unit is Un-grounded unless 

An FX-300 with the following part number variation is an ESD safe variant sold through American Hakko products . 

*** FX300-03 

For more information please reference the general certificate of conformance that is attatched to this article . 


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