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C5028/C5029 Grip Fixture and Hot Air Nozzle Compatibility

Hot Air Rework

C5028/C5029 grip fixtures are for use with Hakko's FR-810, FR-810B and FR-811 hot air units. These fixtures have been designed specifically for the new N51 series nozzles that are a different length the the older 850 series nozzles. More specifically, the C5028/C5029 grip fixtures are designed to attach to the C5027 board holder, and when used in this manner, there are a few older 850 series nozzles that may not be long enough to properly reflow components. The following nozzles may experience this:

  • A1475
  • A1476
  • A1477
  • A1478

​If attempting to use these nozzles with the C5028/C5029 fixtures, it is recommended to upgrade the nozzles to the N51 series.

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