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Purchased a 936-RC-B (936-13) soldering station. The unit works great, but is there a "dial" face that gives me approximate temperature settings? It has an RC skin over the unit direct from you. Your instructions, page 4 say set the temperature. How? Your instructions on page 5 state to do a calibration, set the unit to 400 degrees. With no calibration markings both will be hard. I have used it and obviously know how to turn a knob...just looking for better guestimate


The "skins" for the RC model of the 936 are simply stick-on labels added to the face of the 936 station. The labels on the faceplate obscure the temperature markings. The attached link shows a faceplate without the RC labels. With the temperature knob at the "12:00" position the temperature will be approximately 640F and with the knob at the "3:00" position the temperature would be about 800F.
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