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Minimum Temperature Accuracy for Induction-Type Tip Cartridges

Chris Stuber
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All HAKKO tip cartridges that are designed for use with the HAKKO FX-100 Soldering Station use induction-type heaters. These heaters are constructed using an alloy that determines the operating temperature of the tip. Unlike other induction powered soldering tips, HAKKO uses an alloy that provides a more consistent temperature between tips of the same temperature series. The table below indicates the designed tolerance for tip temperatures for each tip series.

Tip Series Temp Series Specification Temperature Standards
 T31  00  480°C | 895°F  480±15°C 895±27°F 
 01  450°C | 840°F  445±20°C 833±36°F 
 02  400°C | 750°F  395±20°C 743±36°F 
 03  350°C | 660°F  345±20°C 653±36°F 
 T31B  01  450°C | 840°F  445±20°C 833±36°F 
 02  400°C | 750°F  395±20°C 743±36°F 
 03  350°C | 660°F  345±20°C  653±36°F
 T35  02  400°C | 750°F  395±20°C  743±36°F
 03  350°C | 660°F  345±20°C  653±36°F
 T38  02  400°C | 750°F  395±20°C  743±36°F
 03  350°C | 660°F  345±20°C  653±36°F
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