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Upgrading your FR-4001 to an FR-4003

Kyle Barrett
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 To upgrade your FR-4001 UHD desoldering hand piece to the FR-4003 UHD desoldering hand piece you must change the following parts on your current hand piece 

1: Heating element : The heating element A5016 found on the FR-4001 must be changed out with the new A5054 heating element for the FR-4003

2. Nozzle enclosure : The nozzle enclosure ( B5079) found on the FR-4001 must be changed with the  ( B5221 ) enclosure for the FR-4003

3. Movable joint : The movable joint ( B5225 ) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature 

4. Wave spring : The wave spring ( B5226) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature 

5. Joint cover : The joint cover ( B5223) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature . 

6. Screws : The upper screw that secures the heating element to the housing is the same for both hand pieces . The two other screws securing the heating element will need to be changed from the ( M2.6 x 8 P2 sus ) found on the FR-4001 to the longer ( M2.6 x 15 P2 sus ) needed for the FR-4003 

Steps : 

1. Remove the (3) screws securing your heating element to the grip . (1) M2.6 x 12  / (2) M2.6 x  8 

2. Remove Heater assembly from grip 

3. Install new heater ( A5054) onto the grip 

4. Secure Heating element with the (1) M2.6 x 12 screw 

5. place the motive joint onto heating element followed by the wave spring ontop 

6. secure joint cover over the motive joint / wave spring and then to the heating element using (2) sems M2.6x15 screws 

7. place nozzle onto heater and install new (B5221) enclosure over the nozzle . 

Your handpiece is now upgraded to a FR-4003 . 

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