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How to calibrate the HAKKO FG-100 Tip Thermometer

Chris Stuber

There are three methods to calibrate the HAKKO FG-100 Tip Thermometer

Method 1 - Factory Calibration
Contact our Customer Service department and request a CASE number to return your unit for calibration.  Calibrations are performed in accordance with ISO 17025 and are NIST traceable.

Method 2 - Calibration Service Provider
You may send your unit to your preferred provider of calibration services for your other devices.  You may provide them with the attached factory instructions on how to perform the calibration.

Method 3 - Self-Calibration
If you have access to the required tools and are familiar with the processes, you may follow the attached instructions to perform the calibration of your unit.

NOTE:  Calibration of the HAKKO FG-100 requires the unit be disassembled while powered on.  If you choose to calibrate your unit yourself, please exercise caution when working with the unit and do not touch the PCB or live wires.
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