How to Prevent Heater Breakage on the FX-600 / FX-601 Soldering Irons


It is critical to ensure the nut and enclosure of your soldering iron are entirely tightened down onto the flange of the iron. Failure to properly and tighten the nut will allow the tip to sit loosely on the ceramic heater which can likely be broken when pressure is applied to the soldering iron tip.

Remember that adding more pressure onto the tip does not increase heating when soldering, For best heating, be sure to maximize surface area contact between the tip and the solder joint, keep the tip free from oxidation, and use a small amount of solder to create a heat bridge.

If you have broken the heating element in your Hakko FX-600/ FX-601 Soldering Iron, please contact our Customer Service group at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) to request a Case number for return and repair.