I am getting an S-E error on a brand new unit while using the FM-2027 handpiece

American Hakko has had reports of users experiencing an S-E ( sensor error ) on brand new Soldering stations while using the FM-2027 handpiece. As with any other tool that you would use as new a brief " Break in " period will apply to your soldering handpiece. During this " Break in " period, Users may experience minor difficulties while inserting a soldering tip into the Grip. This is due to the " Tension" and opposing force applied onto the soldering tip when the handpiece is brand new, while the user may be pushing the soldering tip into the grip, the contacts are applying opposing force that is pushing the soldering tip upward and back out of the contacts.

No need to worry there is a simple test that we can run through to ensure the functionality of your soldering station, We will also go over the proper insertion and removal of a T15 series soldering tip into the FM-2027 handpiece.

Proper insertion of a T15 soldering tip into an FM-2027 handpiece :

  1. The Handpiece assembly of your FM-2027 consists of three main parts, The handpiece ( base ) The antibacterial sleeve ( PN: B3216 (Y), B3217 (O), B3218 (B), B3219 ( G), B5259 (P) ) and your Specified T15 soldering tip.
  2. First take your soldering tip and insert it into your Antibacterial sleeve
  3. Grip the base / Contact bands of the soldering tip and pull downward to lock the tip into the Antibacterial sleeve ( this will be confirmed with a " Click" of the tip into the sleeve )
  4. With the tip inserted into the antibacterial sleeve, take the sleeve/tip assembly and insert it into the handpiece base, The locking tabs on either side of the antibacterial grip will lock into the handpiece base.
  5. Push firmly onto the tip to ensure it is not only locked into the antibacterial sleeve but also the handpiece base. ( IF S-E error occurs please try to firmly press on the soldering tip with your heat mat to ensure it locks into the contacts )

Proper removal of a T15 soldering tip into an FM-2027 handpiece :

  1. To remove your Soldering tip from the grip first pinch the locking tabs on either side of the handpiece.
  2. While pinching the locking tabs, pull the antibacterial sleeve with the soldering tip away from the handpiece base.
  3. Press firmly upward onto the bottom of the soldering tip to release it from the antibacterial sleeve.
  4. Set the soldering tip aside until you are ready to use it again. ( Please be cautious and aware of Hot soldering tips )

Functionality test method :

  1. Ensure the base unit is powered off and the soldering tip is Cool.
  2. With the provided " Heat resistant pad " ( PN: B2300) pull upward and remove the soldering tip from the Colored antibacterial sleeve, We can place the antibacterial sleeve aside for now.
  3. With your antibacterial sleeve removed, Please take your soldering tip and insert it into the handpiece by itself.
  4. Ensure the tip has " Clicked" into the contacts indicating it has locked into place. ( please note during the "Break in " of the contacts a bit more force may be required to properly lock the tip into place )
  5. With the soldering tip inserted into the handpiece Please ensure the handpiece is plugged into the base unit and turn the base unit on.
  6. If we have conducted this test properly you should see the Temperature begin to climb on the display of your base unit, The tip will noticeably increase in temperature, and the S-E will now go away.
  7. If the S-E has not gone away please use the provided heat mat from the previous steps to Push downward on the tip ensuring it locks into the contacts
  8. Once we have confirmed functionality we can now add the Colored antibacterial sleeve back into the mix.
  9. Using your heat pad ( CAUTION THE TIP IS HOT ) remove the soldering tip from the Handpiece. 10.Now take your antibacterial sleeve and insert the soldering tip into it, Pull on the Bottom of the soldering tip to ensure it " clicks " into the grip.
  10. Now that you have your soldering tip inserted into the antibacterial sleeve, you can place the sleeve with the tip onto the handpiece ( ensure the antibacterial sleeve Is locked into the handpiece )
  11. Using your Heat pad, Push down onto the soldering tip firmly to ensure it has in fact locked into Both the handpiece and antibacterial sleeve ( you should hear two clicks, one into the sleeve and one into the handpiece )
  12. Turn on the base unit and verify the functionality of the handpiece, If the handpiece has been properly assembled there should not be an S-E present and you will be ready to solder!

If you have gone through this test process and have verified that the handpiece still gives an S-E please contact American Hakko products for further technical support

American Hakko - ( 661)-294-0090 OR Support@Hakkousa.com