Hot Air Nozzle Compatibility Chart

Due to the recent changes to the hot air pipes, Hakko would like to help its customers understand which nozzles are compatible with each of Hakko's hot air units.

Model Old Nozzles1 N51 Nozzles Vacuum Pickup
850 X
850D X
FR-801 X
FR-802 X
FR-803 X
FR-803B X

FR-810 Requires B5045 Adaptor X
FR-810 w/New B5045 Pipe2 X X
FR-810B X X X
FR-811 X X X

1 = Old Nozzles: A1124B, A1125B, A1126B, A1127B, A1128B, A1129B, A1130, A1131, A1132, A1133, A1134, A1135B, A1136B, A1137B, A1138B, A1139B, A1140B, A1141B, A1142B, A1180B, A1181B, A1182B, A1183, A1184B, A1185B, A1186B, A1187B, A1188B, A1189B, A1190, A1191, A1192, A1203B, A1214B, A1215B, A1257B, A1258B, A1259B, A1260B, A1261B, A1262B, A1263B, A1264B, A1265B, A1325, A1470, A1471, A1472, A1473, A1474, A1475, A1476, A1477, A1478

Note: Part numbers followed by a "B" indicates that there was a nozzle that was introduced before vacuum pick-up became available on Hakko's hot air stations. These nozzles with the same number but without a "B", are also considered under the Old Nozzles column but they will not work with the vacuum pick-up feature.

2 = New B5045 Pipe: The new pipe is on FR-810 units that had the pipes repaired or replaced with the new specification of the pipe. The FR-810B and FR-811 have the new specification on all of their units.

3 = 851 Nozzles: The 851 uses a different nozzle than the other units and only 851 series nozzles are compatible.