Why do my chained presets on my HAKKO FR-810 always stop before the last preset is reached?

The HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station includes a unique feature that allows you to use presets for temperature, time, and airflow, and chain them together in sequence to simulate up to a 5-stage rework profile.

If any of the presets contains a time value of '000', then the execution will stop at that preset since there is no time value specified.  As a result, the HAKKO FR-810 will continue to run at that preset temperature and airflow setting until the START/STOP button is pressed either on the handpiece, or on the front of the station.

If you want the execution of the presets to 'skip a step', then you need to select a time value of '---' when setting up the presets on the HAKKO FR-810.