What are the maximum dimensions a custom 485 nozzle can be?

The maximum solder flow capacity of the 485 Soldering System is 40,000 mm3 (W x D x H). With the standard table (unmodified) the maximum width (W) for a nozzle is 100mm and maximum depth (D) is 70mm. The maximum height is 50mm. The minimum dimensions are 5mm W and 4mm D. If the length of the long side is more than 96 mm, a custom-made table is required. With a custom (modified) table nozzles can be manufactured to a maximum of 140mm W and 110mm D. The standard height of a nozzle is 16mm. In the event the volume exceeds 40,000 mm3 with the standard height, a 'neck' is provided at the bottom of the nozzle. See the attached pdf document for drawings and additional requirements.