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My HAKKO FR-810 is displaying 'F-E' on the display. What does this mean?

Chris Stuber

If the HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station is showing an 'F-E' on the display, it is indicating a fan error.  The microprocessor in the station has detected an issue with the turbine and it may need to be replaced.

This error state can be caused by debris that may have lodged itself inside the turbine unit, and removing the debris to ensure the turbine is free spinning may resolve the issue.

If your station is no longer covered by its warranty, you may elect to open the station to inspect the turbine for debris.  Be sure the station is unplugged before you attempt to open the station.

It is strongly recommended that if your station displays the error 'F-E' and is still covered under its warranty, you contact our Customer Service department and request a case number be issued to evaluate the station.  Opening a station to inspect the unit can void the warranty.

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