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upgrading your FR-4101 desoldering hand piece into the FR-4103

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Your FR-4101 desoldering hand piece can be converted into the newer style FR-4103 hand piece by changing the following components . 

By converting your Hand piece you will get improved performance as well as the nozzle quick change capability found on the newer style FR-4103 hand piece . 


1: Heating element : The heating element A5028 found on the FR-4101 must be changed out with the new (A5055) heating element 

2. Nozzle enclosure : The nozzle enclosure ( B5103) found on the FR-4101 must be changed with the new ( B5222 ) enclosure 

3. Movable joint : The movable joint ( B5063 ) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature 

4. Wave spring : The wave spring ( B5064) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature 

5. Joint cover : The joint cover ( B5224) is needed for part of the nozzle quick change feature . 

6. Screws : The upper screw that secures the heating element to the housing is the same for both hand pieces ( M2.6x12)  . The two other screws securing the heating element will need to be changed from the ( M2.6 x 8 P2 sus ) found on the FR-4101 to the longer ( M2.6 x 15 P2 sus ) needed for the FR-4103 

Steps : 

1. Remove the (3 ) screws securing your heating element to the grip . 

2. Remove Heater assembly from grip 

3. Install new heater ( A5055) to the grip 

4. Secure Heating element with the (1) M2.6 x 12 screw The ( 2 ) other screws we will secure later  

5. place the motive joint onto heating element followed by the wave spring on top of this 

6. secure joint cover to the heating element using (2) sems M2.6x15 screws  

7. place nozzle onto heater and install new (B5222) enclosure over the nozzle . 

Your hand piece is now upgraded to a FR-4103 . 


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