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Can I use Sal Ammoniac to clean my Soldering tip on my Hakko FX-601


Sal Ammoniac is a rare naturally occurring mineral composed of ammonium chloride, NH4Cl . Although it is effective in Removing oxides From your soldering iron tip , It  is not recommended for use in tip maintenance  . Sal Ammoniac is Highly acidic and will degrade the performance and Lifespan of your soldering iron tip .  As long as your soldering iron tip is properly maintained you shouldn't encounter problems with tip oxidation . We recommend the use of the  Hakko 599B Tip cleaner as it can remove oxidation from the soldering tip without removing the solder, or exposing the tip to harsh chemicals or thermal shock.  The brass coils of the Hakko 599B allow oxidation to be removed without harming the soldering tip, while leaving a light coating of solder behind to help prevent further oxidation of the iron plating. 

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