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Can I use a step-down transformer or regulated power supply for the HAKKO station if my line voltage is higher than 120VAC?

Chris Stuber
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Yes, you can run any HAKKO product that requires 120VAC line voltage on the input side provided it comes from a clean and stable source, either from a good quality step-down transformer, or good quality regulated power supply. Be cautious as some low cost power supplies and inverters have demonstrated a propensity to generate unstable voltage supplies and/or line noise. This will interfere with the microprocessor in the HAKKO stations and can result in unstable operation and/or product damage/failure.

The use of 120VAC equipment in locations outside the US, Canada, and Mexico, is not recommended or supported.

For a HAKKO products that is suited for the proper input voltage and regulations for locations outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico, please contact us at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) for further information.

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