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Can I use my existing hot air nozzles on the new HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station?

Chris Stuber

The new HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station uses a new high performance turbine system that is balanced with the new higher power and more durable heating element.  The new N51 Series Hot Air Nozzles are designed for use with this new station, however if you have any of the older HAKKO Hot Air Rework Stations listed below, you can attach their nozzles to the HAKKO FR-810 using an adapter (PN:  B5058).
  • 850
  • 850B
  • 850D
  • 852
  • FR-801
  • FR-802
  • FR-803
  • FR-803B
If you have any of the following PACE® Convective Systems that use 4028 Series Nozzles, you can attach the nozzles for use with the HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station by using the HAKKO nozzle adapter mentioned above (PN:  B5058) and the PACE® Universal Nozzle Adapter (PACE® PN: 4028-0001-P1).
  • ST-300
  • ST-325
  • ST-350
  • TF-200
  • TF-500
  • TF-700
The following is an example of a PACE® 4028 Series Nozzle that has the adapters necessary for use with the HAKKO FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station.

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