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What HMI version software can I use with my HAKKO FR-1418 BGA Rework System?

Chris Stuber

The HMI software used by the HAKKO FR-1418 BGA Rework System is integrated with the firmware that is included in the PLC controllers used in the system design.  Even if a new HMI software version is released, any upgrade will also require the upgrade of the firmware on the PLC controllers as well.

For reference, the following table shows the HMI version number and matched PLC firmware version:

HMI Version System PLC1 PLC2
1.3.5 Hakko/PMT V2 n/a
1.3.6 Hakko V2 V3
1.3.7 PMT V4 n/a Hakko V2 V3
1.3.9 Hakko V2 V3
1.3.9 PMT V4 n/a Hakko V2 V3
1.3.10 Hakko V2 V3
1.5.5 PMT V3 V6
1.5.6 PMT V4 V7
1.5.7 PMT V4 V8
1.5.8 PMT V4 V8
1.5.10 PMT V6 V9 Hakko/PMT V6 V10
1.5.12 Hakko/PMT V6 V10
1.5.13 Hakko/PMT V6 V10
1.5.14 Hakko/PMT V7 V10
2.0.1 Hakko/PMT V8 V12

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