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T18 Tip Cross-Reference

Chris Stuber

T18 Part Number 900M Part Number Tips w/o T18 replacement Replacement
T18-B 900M-T-B 900L-T-28 T15-SBS07
T18-C05 900M-T-0.5C 900M-T-1.8H IN-503
T18-C1 900M-T-1C 900M-T-3CM T15-BCM
T18-C2 900M-T-2C 900M-T-H no replacement
T18-C3 900M-T-3C 900M-T-R T15-R34
T18-C4 900M-T-4C 900M-T-RT T15-R20
T18-CF1 900M-T-1CF 900M-T-S8 T15-SBC04
T18-CF15 900M-T-1.5CF
T18-CF2 900M-T-2CF Note:  
T18-CF3 900M-T-3CF Some shapes were not converted to T18
T18-CF4 900M-T-4CF Due to very low market demand.
T18-CSF25 new shape  
T18-D08 900M-T-0.8D  
T18-D12 900M-T-1.2D Recommend upgrade to FX-951 and T15.
T18-D16 900M-T-1.6D
T18-D24 900M-T-2.4D
T18-D32 900M-T-3.2D
T18-I 900M-T-I
T18-K 900M-T-K
T18-SB 900M-T-SB
T18-S9 900M-T-S9
T18-S6 900M-T-S6
T18-S4 900M-T-S4
T18-S3 900M-T-S3
T18-BL 900M-T-LB
T18-DL32 900M-T-3.2LD
T18-DL2 900M-T-2LD
T18-DL12 900M-T-1.2LD
T18-C08 900M-T-0.8C
T18-BR02 900M-T-0.2RB
T18-S7 900M-T-S7
T18-IS 900M-T-SI

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Osman Eralp posted 5 Years Ago
Very useful cross reference table. Thanks!

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