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Hakko 850 Modification for Nitrogen Supply

Chris Stuber
Hot Air Rework

The following article explains how to modify the Hakko 850 Hot Air Rework Station to use a Nitrogen supply instead of the air supply provided by the self-contained pump.

NOTE:  The Hakko 850 Hot Air Rework Station is discontinued

NOTE:  Modification of any Hakko product is not supported and will void the product warranty.  This information is provided as-is.

IMPORTANT:  The Air Flow Control Knob on the front of the unit will no longer have an affect.  This knob controled the speed of the self-contained pump which affected air flow.  Since the pump is no longer in use, the flow of Nitrogen must be controlled at the source.

Step 1
Remove the cover of the Hakko 850 Hot Air Rework Station by removing the 4 phillips pan head screws from each side of the unit.  The interior will look like the photo shown below.

Step 2
Drill a hole in the rear of the unit to pass the supply line for your nitrogen supply.

IMPORTANT:  When drilling the hole, be sure not to damage the product specification label and/or fuse holder.


Step 3
Disconnect the Secondary Air Supply Line at the Air/Electrical Coupling, then attach your Nitrogen supply to the Air/Electrical Coupling.


Step 4
Since the pump will no longer be needed, disconnect the pump from the PCB at the connection shown in the image below.


Step 5
Re-install the cover of the unit.

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posted 9 Years Ago
This is great. As Hakko does not offer a inert hot gas tool off the shelf and I have a number of 850s that i can convert to "inert" hot gas rework tools for lead-free work. Appreciate this info, not many companies would offer it, the usual response is uh, we dont have anything like that, sorry.....

John Price- Flextronics.

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