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How long will Hakko products usually last?

Chris Stuber
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Hakko supplies quality products for the electronics industry. As with any tool, proper maintenance can prolong the service life. While American Hakko provides a basic warranty on our products, they typically last much longer. Even today, there are many customers using Hakko soldering and desoldering stations that are over 15 years old. This is not a guarantee of how long your Hakko unit will last, but is a fair example of the quality you own when you own a Hakko product. There are a number of parts that are subject to wear that are part of normal use. These parts include but are not limited to soldering iron tips, desoldering nozzles, cutting blades and bending guides, filters, fuses, and other metal parts that wear during use. For the full details of Hakko's warranty policy, please follow the Warranty Policy link located at the bottom of each web page, or click on the link provided with this article.

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