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Difference between a standard and special T7 Tip

Chris Stuber
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On the literature printed for the Hakko FM-202 and/or Hakko FP-102 Soldering Systems, you may want to know what the differences are between the T7 tips listed in the literature as STANDARD, SPECIAL, and SMT.

The reason these tips are grouped into STANDARD, SPECIAL, and SMT is to easily categorize the tips by cost and application.

  • STANDARD tips are very common shapes and because they are manufactured in larger lots, their resale price is lower than other tips.
  • SPECIAL tips are not very common and are usually application specific.  These tips are manufactured in much smaller batches and therefore have a higher resale price.
  • SMT tips are specifically used for SMT components.

There is another meaning for SPECIAL tips, and this applies only if you see the word SPECIAL in the description of the item on our web site or on our price list.  Whenever an item is marked SPECIAL in its description, it indicates that the item is a non-stocking item that has to be special ordered and is non-returnable.

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