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Why does my HAKKO FM-202 or FM-203 display show '---'?

Chris Stuber

When the HAKKO FM-202 or HAKKO FM-203 display is flashing ---, this is usually an indication that the system has experienced a software problem and the system needs to be reset. This problem sometimes happens when an electrical anomaly corrupts the parameters for the station which are stored in non-volatile RAM.

The following steps will reset the software for the station:

  1. Turn off the unit and insert the key card
  2. While holding the * and # keys, turn the unit back on
  3. For the HAKKO FM-202, the display will show 7U (setting for the United States). If the display shows 7A (setting for Asia) press the UPor DOWN button until the display reads 7U
  4. For the HAKKO FM-203, the display will show U (setting for the United States). If the display shows A (setting for Asia) press the UP or DOWN button until the display reads U
  5. Press the * key to save the setting.

The unit's software is now reset.

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