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What is the tiniest tip Hakko has for fine pitch rework? I find that on 20 mil pitch rework that even the smallest tip I can find for my Metcal is not small or pointed enough.


HAKKO has a number of tips that can be used for fine pitch rework.

For standard T15 Series tips, the T15-IL and T15-ILS are the smallest.  These are conical tips with a radius of 0.1mm.

For micro T30 Series Tips, the T30-I is the smallest.  This is a conical tip with a radius of 0.1mm.

HAKKO has made custom tips with even smaller points and can make a custom tip to fit your application.  For information on custom soldering tips please call 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) and ask Customer Service for information on a custom tip.
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